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Settle down with romantic ideas of travel and exploration running though your mind and let your imagination take you on a journey unhindered by visa restrictions, closed borders, nasty officials or civil unrest. For many people, armchair travel such as this is satisfying enough. The reality of uncomfortable situations in far-flung destinations cannot overcome the security of staying at home and just watching reports on TV or reading the accounts of those who do venture out.


Others, though, cannot resist finding out what lies over the horizon, and they don't have to have an unhealthy desire to seek out dangerous places. Curiousity to see how our fellow beings live their lives in other parts of the world, a wish to experience situations that wouldn't occur at home, a feeling that it is worth meeting people from other places with another outlook on life, or a desire to see nature at first hand in all its beautiful forms - all these and many other motivations drive people to travel.


Maps are the stimulus for many people, and are often the starting point for their journey and the tool to show others where they have been. A finger can trace the route, a highlighter can draw attention to a town, but the best way to fire imagination and inspire others is to draw a red line.

Thinking of going travelling?

From the UK. Check your destination at the website.

From the USA: US Department of State.

From Australia: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

From Canada: Government of Canada.

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